Thomas, Louisa. Louisa: The Extraordinary Life of Mrs. Adams 2016. 500 pp. Penguin Press ISBN 9781594204630 In this biography of Mrs. John Quincy Adams, Louisa Thomas provides a front-seat, panoramic view of world-changing history within the scope of a woman’s personal story, a woman with hopes and dreams and, yet, a destiny, perhaps, she would … Continue reading LOUISA: THE EXTRAORDINARY LIFE OF MRS. ADAMS

Things I Learned in a Scottish Graveyard

            One does not require “schooling” to learn. It often helps though—and with good teachers, it helps considerably. Knowledgeable people willing to share, educational places, and instructional things surround us. I have known and know now some highly educated, erudite individuals having not a single degree to their names and a few without a diploma, … Continue reading Things I Learned in a Scottish Graveyard

WRITING STORIES in North Yorkshire

Our family's recent sentimental journey to the UK, especially to Yorkshire, reminded me of the short story I wrote while living near Richmond, North Yorkshire. The story, published in Family, The Magazine for Military Wives (Military Family Communications, Inc., New York, NY, 1989) had nothing to do with North Yorkshire really, except that there were … Continue reading WRITING STORIES in North Yorkshire