Natick, MA; Peabody Sisters; and Missing Books

Charles River in Natick A home in Natick. “What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance.”  ~Jane Austen Summer has come back with a vengeance here in our part of Texas after a cool, fall respite. Well, it hasn’t spread its 100+ temperatures around again—yet, but that tantalizing … Continue reading Natick, MA; Peabody Sisters; and Missing Books

Longfellow and Emerson as “Historians”

North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts. Minute Man Monument dedicated in 1837 (far side). I readily admit it. I am a patriot. I do not pretend to be an historian but do enjoy American (United States) History. In particular, I relish the colonial and revolutionary periods as well as the early days of our republic. I … Continue reading Longfellow and Emerson as “Historians”

Autumn, Concord, and Transcendentalism

WALDEN POND Ah. Autumn is in the air, so, of course, I am sipping coffee and eating candy pumpkins. We’ve had rain of late and much cooler weather—no 100-degree temperatures in sight for at least a week now. When I think of autumn, I begin to think of the glories of New England where the … Continue reading Autumn, Concord, and Transcendentalism

Richmond, North Yorkshire–Summer 2022

The Town of Richmond, North Yorkshire, England as viewed from an area hill. We’ve been home from our sojourn in England and Scotland now for around a month. I planned to write more about Richmond, North Yorkshire, as soon as I got home and had more time to organize my thoughts rather than write on … Continue reading Richmond, North Yorkshire–Summer 2022