WRITING STORIES in North Yorkshire

Our family's recent sentimental journey to the UK, especially to Yorkshire, reminded me of the short story I wrote while living near Richmond, North Yorkshire. The story, published in Family, The Magazine for Military Wives (Military Family Communications, Inc., New York, NY, 1989) had nothing to do with North Yorkshire really, except that there were … Continue reading WRITING STORIES in North Yorkshire

The Shambles, York Minster, & Worried Sheep

Continuing our UK adventure and drifting at times down memory lane, I and my fellow travelers spent some of the 22nd, all of the 23rd, and a bit of the 24th in York. We traipsed along its ancient, cobbled streets on Friday (22nd) eventually finding our way to The Shambles, a street directly out of … Continue reading The Shambles, York Minster, & Worried Sheep


Growing up, I remember an awful lot of ministers admonishing us Christian congregates to ”stand in the gap” for others, but I fear that idea could confound a considerable number of Londoners who, as patrons of the Underground, are daily reminded by a fatherly voice “to mind the gap.” If they did, indeed, stand in … Continue reading MINDING THE GAP in London


Tower Bridge, London, England “When I’m in London, I long for Yorkshire and when I’m here, I ache to hear my heels clicking on the pavement.” ~Lady Mary Crawley Ah, I understand the restlessness of Lady Mary with both London and Yorkshire so immediately within her reach. The excitement of bustling, rambunctious London—the romance of … Continue reading London

No Coward Soul is Mine

by Emily Bronte No coward soul is mine No trembler in the world’s storm-troubled sphere I see Heaven’s glories shine And Faith shines equal arming me from Fear O God within my breast Almighty ever-present Deity Life, that in me hast rest, As I Undying Life, have power in Thee Vain are the thousand creeds … Continue reading No Coward Soul is Mine

The Brontes of Haworth, West Yorkshire

Parsonage home of the Bronte sisters and their curate father in West Yorkshire, England. "No coward soul is mine No trembler in the world's storm-troubled sphere..." wrote Emily Bronte in 1848. It was a remarkable time for herself, her elder sister Charlotte, and younger sister Anne. Each of the young women had recently published poetry … Continue reading The Brontes of Haworth, West Yorkshire

Yours Affectionately, J.A.

My dear Cassandra,            Your letter came quite as soon as I expected, and so your letters will always            do, because I have made it a rule not to expect them till they come, in which            I think I consult the ease of us both— wrote Jane Austen to her sister in 1798, revealing the author’s … Continue reading Yours Affectionately, J.A.