Over the River for Thanksgiving

Being a Texas girl, I remember how surprised I was to learn (at a not so tender age) that the long-time favorite “Over the River and Through the Wood” was a Thanksgiving song and, to make matters worse, that snowy old sleigh in the song was originally going to Grandfather’s house. With lines such as … Continue reading Over the River for Thanksgiving

Natick, MA; Peabody Sisters; and Missing Books

Charles River in Natick A home in Natick. “What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance.”  ~Jane Austen Summer has come back with a vengeance here in our part of Texas after a cool, fall respite. Well, it hasn’t spread its 100+ temperatures around again—yet, but that tantalizing … Continue reading Natick, MA; Peabody Sisters; and Missing Books

Autumn, Concord, and Transcendentalism

WALDEN POND Ah. Autumn is in the air, so, of course, I am sipping coffee and eating candy pumpkins. We’ve had rain of late and much cooler weather—no 100-degree temperatures in sight for at least a week now. When I think of autumn, I begin to think of the glories of New England where the … Continue reading Autumn, Concord, and Transcendentalism