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  • Hello World!

    I am a retired Army wife, English teacher, and professional librarian, as well as a mother and grandmother, living on a ranch in Central Texas with my husband and cat Brigit, named for the Celtic goddess of poetry and cows. I hold a B. A. in English/history, an M.A. in English/Creative Studies, and an M.S.…

  • Literary Texas: John Graves

    Texas State University in San Marcos owns an interesting item, for an institution of higher learning, that is. It is an old, maple canoe paddle and is highly valued there. “The paddle, part of the university’s Wittliff Collections of papers and artifacts from Southwestern literature, was used by John Graves on a trip down the…

  • Where To Explore for Gold

    I don’t often come across library book sales, but when I do, I’m in love. These book sales are to a bibliophile what the Seven Cities of Gold must have been to Francisco Vazquez Coronado, a promise of vast riches. I love “old” books and have closets full of them to prove it. Many, if…

  • Literary Texas: Larry McMurtry, Part 2

    The main building of McMurtry’s famous bookstore Booked Up. Who would think that Larry McMurtry’s world and that of Chip Gaines’ (former star of HGTV’s Fixer Upper) would ever collide? But as of December 2022, it has. More about that later. Larry McMurtry left Houston and Texas in 1969. By this time, he had published…

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    1. Hi, Kathy. Thanks so much. You can see most of my posts from the Home page or go to menu and hit blog. Please feel free to comment on any of my posts. Conversation is always nice.nice


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