Brenda Ethridge Ferguson–a retired Army wife, English teacher, and professional librarian lives on a ranch in Central Texas with her husband and cat Brigit, named for the Celtic goddess of poetry and cows..

Story Mill Ranch

I hope to develop this site with story–pictures that tell stories, book reviews (old and new), short stories, poems, profiles of literary figures (past and present), book recommendations, and even writing advice garnered from here and there.

Our entire existence is story, whether or not we know it. Why else has genealogy research become ubiquitous? We long to know the narrative that came before us, to understand its characters, and to connect to those characters on that continuum of experience that helps define us.

Stories can consist of truth or lies or any combination thereof. Some have said that good fiction writers are good liars, and so they are, but within that framework of lies they build, exists a common truth we recognize on a visceral level. That recognition teaches us. Epics swept across vast terrains without benefit of phonographic writing, Jesus taught in parables, and Shakespeare wrote Henry VI in blank verse before any attempts to codify English. Story finds a way.