Over the River for Thanksgiving

Being a Texas girl, I remember how surprised I was to learn (at a not so tender age) that the long-time favorite “Over the River and Through the Wood” was a Thanksgiving song and, to make matters worse, that snowy old sleigh in the song was originally going to Grandfather’s house. With lines such as … Continue reading Over the River for Thanksgiving

Of Writers, Shakers, & Black Barns

Barn at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. Tonight I am resting comfortably in Chillicothe, Ohio. No, I am not ill, only a bit tired. It has been a busy and wonderful last several days that began with the Ozarks Creative Writers Conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. There I listened to two exciting keynote speakers, attended workshops, and … Continue reading Of Writers, Shakers, & Black Barns

Autumn, Concord, and Transcendentalism

WALDEN POND Ah. Autumn is in the air, so, of course, I am sipping coffee and eating candy pumpkins. We’ve had rain of late and much cooler weather—no 100-degree temperatures in sight for at least a week now. When I think of autumn, I begin to think of the glories of New England where the … Continue reading Autumn, Concord, and Transcendentalism

WRITING STORIES in North Yorkshire

Our family's recent sentimental journey to the UK, especially to Yorkshire, reminded me of the short story I wrote while living near Richmond, North Yorkshire. The story, published in Family, The Magazine for Military Wives (Military Family Communications, Inc., New York, NY, 1989) had nothing to do with North Yorkshire really, except that there were … Continue reading WRITING STORIES in North Yorkshire