A Love So Sweet

My lovely and loving grandniece has asked me to review her latest Christian novel titled A Love So Sweet. I am honored.

Hannah Wright. A Love So Sweet. United States of America. c2022 by Hannah Wright ISBN: 9798848244656

Autumn McKay is living the dream, or, at least, she appears to be. At twenty-five, she owns her own bakery, has two employees, and lives in her own cozy apartment with her dog, Daisy. But beneath the surface of that dream lurks a dark, spiritual hurt she cannot talk about. Her inner life is a mess because four years earlier she and her younger brother were in a terrible car wreck. She was driving. Now, Autumn is strong and healthy, but her athletic brother is wheelchair bound. And, though no one blames Autumn for the wreck, she feels she could have spared him this fate, believing in her heart she has damaged her family so severely that God has moved far away from her, is angry with her, and perhaps, no longer loves her. Emotions are not often logical.

Fortunately, however, Autumn is blessed with parents and a brother who love her despite her conviction that no one possibly can. The family has moved about most of Autumn’s life, but had settled back in Larkspring some years ago, a town surrounded by mountains and natural beauty. Autumn finds some peace in this environment even though her parents and brother live nearby, and she feels it is her duty to avoid them so as not to increase their pain.

Broken in spirit, Autumn’s journey toward restoration largely comes through those God places in her path–townspeople, a compatible friend, and at-risk girls for whom she creates a summer baking camp. This is the age-old story of God’s love and redemption as freshly imagined by Hannah Wright. In this pilgrimage through the bleak forests of doubt and self-condemnation, God’s grace is sufficient. Autumn manages to bless others even while immersed in a troubled soul. A worthwhile read!

Hannah Wright is the author of A Love So Sweet and Hope in the Dark. She desires to write pure fiction that glorifies God. She is a graduate of Houston Christian University, and in her free time she loves reading, spending time with her family and friends, writing letters to her pen pals, and listening to music. To stay in touch with her, you can visit her website at https://peaceinthechaos.org/

A Love So Sweet is available on Amazon.com.




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