Hello World!

I am a retired Army wife, English teacher, and professional librarian, as well as a mother and grandmother, living on a ranch in Central Texas with my husband and cat Brigit, named for the Celtic goddess of poetry and cows. I hold a B. A. in English/history, an M.A. in English/Creative Studies, and an M.S. in Library Science (Beta Phi Mu). I have done technical, professional, and creative writing, having managed to have a few stories, articles, poems, and several book reviews published. The thesis for my Master of Arts was a novel, and, now with a bit more time, I have recently completed another novel. I am involved in many church and civic activities and love to discuss literature and writing with anyone who has similar interests.

9 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. This is Bill Harris. looking forward to following you, my wife, Mary Kathryn Harris was the daughter of Susie Stark.


    1. Hi, Bill. Of course, I know who you are and have loved getting to know your family better through the reunion. You and Mary Kathryn raised a wonderful family. Mary K. and Aunt Susie were special people. Thanks so much for following my blog. Please comment whenever you’d like.


      1. Thank you, Nita. I enjoy talking to you always. So appreciate your reading reading some of my blogs. You can subscribe on the Home page by putting in your emai. Address. Nothing happens to that information except you get an email whenever I post on my blog.


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